RAF Upwood, Cambridgeshire

The History RAF Upwood has a fascinating and varied history that dates back almost 100 years. The station was opened as a Royal Flying Corps aerodrome in 1917, when 160 acres of farmland was requisitioned outside Upwood village. Despite having no permanent flying units, it wasn’t long before the BE.2 biplanes of No. 75 Squadron were using the grass field as a night-landing ground. Much of the RAF Upwood is unused, closed by the Ministry of Defence in 1994. Most of the base was vacated and the land and buildings sold off to civil ownership. The Explore I know this place has been covered to death but I've been wanting to go here for quite awhile and I finally got the chance so I jumped in my car and took a long trek up he M11 with my friend to see it for myself. Although this place has been victim to fires and general vandalising over the years its still an amazing place to visit. I was surprised how big it was as well! Anyways here's my take on RAF Upwood, hope you enjoy :)