Jaywick Mermaid Inn and Parade of shops, Essex

Today I took a short drive to a small parade of derelict shops and an old night club in the heart of Jaywick's Brooklands estate in Essex. I've been wanting to find some more places close by to shoot and for some reason Jaywick kind of slipped my memory! Unfortunately all the shops and the pub are heavily bored/cemented shut so I couldn't get inside. I can kind of remember seeing a couple of these shops still open when I was young but apart from that I've only known this parade of shops to be in derelict condition. From what I've rustled up from the internet the pub closed in the late 1990s/early 2000s and the shops maybe around the same. According to family/friends this place was pretty popular in its day and they have nothing but fond memories of it but unfortunately like most buildings in Jaywick its seen better days! Its kind of like the place that time forgot. Anyways here's some pictures I took. Enjoy!